Engineering Analysis

Stone Engineering Incorporated: providing reasoned technical analysis and opinion in support of the insurance, legal and industrial communities since 1999.

Engineering Analysisengineering analysisEngineering analysis involves reasoned application of scientific methodology and principles to analytically decompose a system or component design to its constituent elements and core functional requirements for the purpose of evaluating plausible failure modes and mechanisms. The results of the analysis may be used to improve the design, identify hazards or derive mitigation for fielded designs. Stone Engineering Incorporated provides engineering analysis in support of product liability and defect investigations, design review to identify probable failure modes and mechanisms, large loss claims support, and third party independent evidence review in support of litigation and subrogation using industry standard analytical techniques.

Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is an analytical technique applied to systematically identify and evaluate potential failure modes and mechanisms within a given design that may result in a specific defined failure effect or consequence. In practice, the failure effect for the design under consideration is clearly defined, and all potential failure modes and mechanisms are then defined based on the design, manufacturing and operating constraints.

Root Cause Analysis is a rigorous applied methodology for collection, evaluation and integration of facts into a concise and coherent explanation of how and why a complex failure or incident occurred. Call us today to talk about our engineering analysis services.