click here Failure Analysis Disciplined, methodical planning and execution of the investigation process from start to completion is fundamental to successful failure analysis.
click here Engineering Analysis Engineering analysis involves reasoned application of scientific methodology and principles to analytically decompose a system or component design to its constituent elements and core functional requirements for the purpose of evaluating plausible failure modes and mechanisms.
click here IR & Diagnostic Services The principal engineer, Stephen E. Stone P.E., has completed level III training as an Infrared Thermographer, with more than 18 years’ experience in diagnostic and quantitative radiometric thermography.

Failure Analysis

Stone Engineering Incorporated: Forensically answering the questions “How” and “Why” since 1999.

Engineering Analysis

Stone Engineering Incorporated: Providing reasoned technical analysis and opinion in support of the insurance, legal and industrial communities since 1999.

IR & Diagnostic Services

Stone Engineering Incorporated: Practical application of the Thermal Sciences to achieve timely, accurate and cost effective solutions.